DeLixir pH-Balance

DeLixir pH-Balance – internal environment support

Functional drink providing healthy pH-Balance.
DeLixir pH-Balance is an elixir for preserving acid-alkaline balance of the body. It contains a unique alkalizing mix, spirulina and turmeric for the most efficient health improvement.
DeLixirpH balance is a revolutionary formula for maintaining healthy balance in the organism. The acid-alkaline balance in the internal environment of our body is vitally important.However, most food, we eat, makes the body environment more acidic. Themostpopularproductsonour table – meat and fish, cheese, sweets, white bread, different sauces- are of acidic nature. Thebodyacidifyingistheresultoffailuresandserious problems.
DeLixirpH-Balance has a special alkalizing formula, which softly returns healthy pH balance to the organism. Spirulina and turmeric normalize physiological dysfunctions of the body.
DeLixir pH-Balanceisperfectlycombinedwith DeVitaRitm Base, harmonizing the whole body performance and providing effective recovery.