Doctor's Opinions

General Practitioner – Bioresonance Specialist

The pioneer bioresonance devices of Deta have revolutionised the ways of preventing and dealing with the health issues of today’s humanity. Bioenergy medicine will soon complement conventional pharmaceutical medicine in many aspects; as a result, it will be acknowledged as a great contribution to a healthier living. The portable bioresonance devices Devita Ap and Devita Ritm have opened new perspectives in offering solutions and battling against diseases like high blood pressure, arthritis, prostate, herpes, osteoporosis, epilepsy, depression, asthma, chronic pains, allergies, to mention only a few. They are more than a dream come true. They are better than what I have imagined so far. They are proven to be a necessary tool in the hands of a free-thinking doctor and every person who desires to live a long and healthy life. Regarding the patients’ approach, conventional medicine will soon be as outdated, as the telegraph in the era of internet

Dr Dinos Xydas

International expert in bioresonance therapy

Devita Ap – 30 Bioresonance device has programs with specific frequencies that terminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and a great deal of parasites. All living organisms have their own frequency, or else their own individual self-frequency. If we synchronize exactly these frequencies or vibrations, the micro-organisms absorb this energy, their shell breaks and they die. This is precisely how DEVITA AP works: it produces the specific frequencies that make the micro-organisms vibrate till they die. This is in fact the tip of the spear, the medicine of the 21st century! Devita Ritm – 30 The Devita RITM device corrects and restores the basic functions of the body, when this is exposed to low-energy electromagnetic vibrations, which frequencies range from 0,1 Hz to 100 Hz. The device works silently and painlessly with more than 1650 different frequencies, based on the principle of harmonic frequencies, which gently restore the normal function of the organs and systems, while detoxifying at the same time. These harmonic frequencies of DEVITA RITM device are perfectly harmonized with the normal frequencies of the body and are in no way, harmful.

Dr. George Georgiou

General Practitioner, homeopathic doctor, Bioresonance Instructor

Devita Ritm – 30 This is the most effective way to “tune in” the organs and systems of the body to their right and natural function. It starts where conventional methods stop. It is suitable for all ages and it offers the possibility to choose from a range of solutions to deal with health issues risk-free, directly and effectively. Devita Ap – 30 We are talking about the ultimate “killer” of everything, without any exception, the microbial charge of the organism. The only way that we can get rid of viruses thoroughly. The only device that destroys the complexes of toxins found in the intercellular space .Absolutely effective in 100 % of every case ..

Dr Giannis Anagnostopoulos

Obstetrician – gynaecologist, Specialised in Chinese medicine

Everything is energy. According to the Natural Science, human organism is a triune electromagnetic entity, consisting of energy, matter and information. It is a cyber system in perfect unison with the space-information field of the universe. The human body is a complex energy system consisting of 4 subtle energy bodies, the 7 major energy centers (chakras) and the meridians through which the energy we receive from the environment (Zong, nutritional Yong, defensive WeiOi) flows, and spreads throancestral ughout the body. The Devita Energy device transmits electromagnetic frequencies in tune with the frequencies of the human body, and can help us restore health and balance of the biological energy cycle of our body on the physical, psycho-emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Dr Electra Babani