What Is Bioresonance


Electromagnetism is everywhere and its effects are felt by everyone. Without it, life on earth would be impossible. The sun is the foremost source of electromagnetic vibration. Despite the fact that it generates vast amounts of it, only a mere 6% of it reaches the surface of the Earth.

All items found on the planet have their own resonant frequencies.  The same goes for all the organs in our body, much like the note produced by a tuning fork. It is only natural then, that all viruses, bacteria, fungi & parasites also feature their own resonant frequencies.

Whenever one of our organs starts to fail, its resonant frequency drops. It is now known - for example - that the frequency at which our healthy lungs resonate stands at 72 cycles per second (Hertz / Hz). If the lungs start failing, their frequency will also drop, to 71, 70 or even lower Hertz readings.

The magic starts if we now generate at the right amount – using a resonance frequency generator – the healthy reading of the lungs (at 72Hz) next to the weakening organ. This procedure would help the organ get back to its healthy state. Via this procedure, we can recuperate all the organs in our body thus healing and revitalising our entire body gaining our health back. This is what Bioresonance is and how it operates in basic terms.

A very well-known example of the effects of resonance is a braking wine glass next to a speaker. A crystal wine glass has a resonant frequency of around 500 Hz. If we now produce this very same sound next to the glass at a certain volume, it will absorb this frequency and resonate fiercely until it breaks. This is what scientists call the phenomenon of resonanc

In the very same way, viruses, bacteria, fungi & parasites have their own specific resonant frequencies – frequencies that if are reproduced accurately and at the correct level - they’ll brake just as the crystal wine glass does in front of a speaker. There is a video showing this process below for further comprehension.

A lot of renowned leading scientists have been active in the field of energy medicine and bioresonance. Such medical professionals and scientists include Dr Rife, Dr. Voll, Dr. Schimmel, Dr. Morell to name only a few. Bioresonance field therapy is now gaining momentum as more and more doctors as well as patients become aware of this alternative type of medical treatment. Bioresonance therapy is totally harmless to all healthy organs and has a high success rate. In addition, according to recent studies in the US, the third cause of death due to health reasons is pharmaceutical treatment (heart failure comes in at number one, cancer comes second). Put clearly, medicines are designed to prolong our suffering so that large pharmaceutical companies will - tragically - continue generating billions and billions of dollars every year experimenting with our health, sucking us dry economically in the process. When it comes to Bio-resonance, leading Russian scientists have been busy lately, largely due to the fact that large pharmaceutical companies are losing their grip in the region.

Russian professionals have been conducting extensive studies on tens of thousands of patients during the last couple of decades. As a result, they have accumulated vast knowledge when it comes to healthy body organs’ resonance frequencies.  This technology has been used by NASA in the US as well as by the Russian space agency. The study and analysis of the resonance frequency produced by the organs of a human being as well as the implementation of electromagnetic field frequency therapy (Bioresonance) is a reliable, convenient and non-invasive technology by which – even remotely – doctors may proceed with an accurate diagnosis as well as therapy even of people found far into space!

Over the last couple of decades, Deta Elis' scientists have been developing small, portable electromagnetic frequency field (Bioresonance) therapy devices enabling everyday people to carry a 24/7 doctor in their pockets!

As a result thousands of patients have gained back their health – some of them having exhausted all other means of therapy, having visited and tried out all therapies devised and proposed by traditional medicine doctors.  The tragic fact is that these patients turn to Bioresonance therapy as their last resort when they could have been treaded with it from the very beginning – escaping going through hell, wasting a lot of money at the same time. There are thousands of reported cases of patients suffering from illnesses requiring constant medical treatment / pharmaceutical intake that have been able to regain their health, getting rid of having to take pills every day to stay alive.

DETA ELIS has been busy developing a number of healing devices (based on the latest electromagnetic frequency field (Bioresonance) therapy technology), some having to do with skin treatment and preservation, others with providing vital body revitalisation and some others with killing parasites and sustaining a healthy body.

Professional diagnostic devices are also made by DETA ELIS and used by leading doctors worldwide.

All DETA ELIS devices undergo clinical trials and come certified by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health. These multi-awarded devices have also been patented in many different countries and cover vital EU-recognised safety requirements (DETA ELIS’s European headquarters are in Germany – the country featuring the highest level of quality & safety standards in Europe).


  • Easy, fast, safe and efficient way to get rid of diseases without the use (or with only minimal use) of prescription drugs.
  • Cure from otherwise incurable diseases such as Ebola, Herpes, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis & many others.
  • Wide variety of parasite elimination – the main cause of all health issues.
  • Devices are safe for use with children and even pets! They may be used by pregnant as well as breast-feeding women (only after advice by a medical professional). DETA ELIS devices may and should be used by all the members of the family.
  • Highly efficient treatment with no side effects whatsoever, confirmed by clinical studies the world over.
  • Low-cost, long-lasting, efficient, no side-effects, totally safe, pain-less treatment of the whole family.

DETA ELIS’s devices currently feature more than 3000 treatment programs, with the number of programs steadily increasing. These devices also feature an unusually high level of treatment success (over 85%) – an impossible level of success via the use of traditional treatment / medicine.

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