Deta Professional

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“DETA-Professional” has the widest range of functions for diagnostics and recovery.

It helps perform the following types of diagnostics and treatment:

  • Diagnostics and medication testing using the methods of R. Voll;
  • Diagnostics using the methods of H. Schimmel (by means of the “VEGA-TEST” Vegetative Resonance Testing Device);
  • Electroacupunture therapy with:Electromagnetic therapy with a specially designed antenna suitable both for general and local therapy;
    • range of 0.1 to 100 Hz
    • digital frequency indication accurate to 0.01 Hz
    • manual setup of frequency from “rough” to “accurate”
    • “wave swings” mode with passage of time in the range of 30 seconds to 3 minutes within minimum and full frequency ranges
    • smooth adjustment of the therapy intensity between 0 and 300 Volts
    • all types of pulses
  • Field therapy frequency deviation in the preset range;
  • Classic bioresonance therapy developed by F. Morell;
  • Complex therapy;
  • Commutation of abductions.

“DETA-Professional” is an improved version of “DETA-BP”. Compared to its predecessor, the device has the followingadditional features:

  • Improved needle indicator with smooth needle movement;
  • A full range of accessories including roller and cosmetic electrodes;
  • Built-in electronic selector of relevant medications including:
    • medications produced by HEEL, Staufen-Pharma, WALA
    • medications developed by V.N. Sarchuk
    • radionuclides and isotopes
    • over 1,570 available medications for the Vegetative Resonance Test
    • over 3,000 other items, including those developed by Reckeweg, Penterkan, MERIDIANKOMPLEXE, Cosmochema, Nestman, Pascoe, PROMO-PHARMA, FialeTest, Wala, WalaCompositions, and Staufen–Pharma

Modification of “DETA-Professional” as of 2004 includes the following:

  • software update to “EavPro” 4.0;
  • Vegetative Resonance Test software “VEGA-Test” 2.19;
  • improved unit of complex therapy;
  • improved unit of electroacupuncture therapy;
  • improved unit of electromagnetic therapy;
  • extended operation range of the built-in unit of field therapy.

The delivery set of “DETA-Professional” includes the following:

  • set of electrodes with more than 15 accessories
  • power supply unit
  • custom leather bag