MLM Industry

More recently, network marketing is not perceived as a serious business. Today, MLM industry has shown and proved that it is not only big business, but also a real opportunity for everyone to succeed financially, and, most important to create a residual income source.

To date, the total turnover of the industry MLM more than 115 billion dollars per year and employs more than 65 million people Worldwide. Many of the major economists predict that in the XXI century - this business will be one of the leading and fastest growing.

Network Marketing - It's a social being built on a few simple, yet profound principles. And the most important of them - helping other people. In MLM there are many advantages and benefits over traditional business, not to mention employment. Here are some of them:

        Ability to organize
  •  your own business without the cost of rent retail space, warehouses, etc.
  • business without the hard work schedule.
  • business with great growth potential.
  • Business, in which the minimum investment brings the highest possible income.
  • Business psychologically comfortable in an environment where everyone is interested in the success of the other.

many have yet to understand and accept that MLM - is one of the greatest opportunities for every invented by mankind in the XX century. The possibility of giving each person to succeed regardless of their current level of income and skills.

Another advantage is especially important for Russia, is that this business is legal for all those income, which he carries in himself. And despite the fact that Russia still has a network companies that are engaged in a semi-legal activities, we DETA-ELIS have decided from the outset to build on the principle of honesty in relationships with our partners, and in relations with the state.